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Industrial Security Doors By Premier SSL

Thefts at business premises take place approximately once every minute across the UK, which highlights the need for companies to invest in top security strategies. Robberies and burglaries are two of the most common forms of theft, resulting in the loss of stock, machinery and raw materials which all hit the pocket of business owners particularly hard.
The majority of intruders are able to break into a business site through the front door, which makes it essential to use robust access points so that trespassers are not able to gain admittance to your business premises. Secure industrial doors should always be the starting point when putting together a security strategy to safeguard your business site.

Unbeatable Quality, Value, Choice and Lead Times

Premier's range of industrial steel personnel and fire exit doors is available as single or double door-sets and provides excellent value for a wide variety of applications including factory and warehouse doors, plant and storeroom doors, rear entrance doors for retail or commercial premises plus rubbish bin and bike stores. Our sets offer superior level of security compared to alternative wooden, UPVC or GRP Composite Doors and requires very low levels of maintenance.

Secured by Design Products - Official Police Security Initiative
Loss Prevention Ceritication Board
British Standards Institution
dhf - Raising Standards Safety Assured
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Where security and style sit hand in hand

Steel Louvre Doors with Access Control

One-stop shop for all your needs

Security doors and gates seldom win design awards, but here at Premier we endeavour to combine aesthetically pleasing designs with all the high-level security features you would expect from an industrial product. Our in-house designers at our Hainault, Essex HQ are forever pushing the envelope of design and engineering and we believe our range of industrial doors is a market leader. We can provide a complete service from initial design through to installation of all products, including:-Communal entrance doors, including the only available steel louvre door sets incorporating either Magna Locks or Assa Lock release to allow these doors to be fully access controlled, Boundary railings/fencing and associated gates.

CONTACT PREMIER SECURITY CONSULTANTS NOW If you'd like some more information about our range of doors, please give us a call on +44 (0)208 559 8295, email us at [email protected].

Premier’s Range Of Industrial Single and Double Doorsets

Industrial Door


Industrial Security Door


High Level Security Door


Industrial Door Set


Security Door with Magna Locks


Industrial Door with Assa Lock Release


Access Controlled Security Doors


Steel Security Door Set


Industrial Louvre Door Sets


Industrial Steel Door Set with Window


Secure Factory Door


Rubbish Bin Store Industrial Door


Steel Warehouse Security Door


Steel Fire Exit Doors


Low Maintenance Steel Door


Industrial Personnel Door Set


Made to measure Steel Double Doors


Steel Double Factory Doorset


Security Doors with windows


Steel Double Doorsets


Secure Steel Doors


Secure steel doors for Retail Use


Industrial Doors


Rear entrance secure doors


Aesthetically Pleasing Steel Doors


High Level Security Doors


Access Controlled Doors


Commercial Steel Doors


Low Maintenance Steel Double Doorset


Secure Fire Exits


Industrial Louvre Door with Windows


Louvre Doors with Magna or Assa Locks


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Our range of products comes in Premier’s standard colours below but we offer a full range of BS and RAL colours to satisfy all special requirements. Speak to our team about specific colours and hues.

Black RAL 9005
Green RAL 6005
Blue RAL 5015
Grey RAL 7016
White-Hipca RAL 9910

Please remember, colours viewed on computer monitors can differ vastly from the shades and depth of colour you may have in mind. To get a more accurate assessment of the true colours available, we can arrange a viewing of our swatch and colour charts at our office HQ or on a site visit by arrangement..

Best Secure Industrial Doors

Premier Security Consultants offer an extensive range of industrial steel security doors and industrial building doors so you can be assured that you’ll find the perfect choice of security installation to suit the unique requirements of your business premises.
Alongside our Hammerglass products which can be used as a bullet-proof option for your business windows, displays or glazed door panels, we also stock Jansen doors which are the market-leading name in security technology for industrial building doors. The range of 50+ Jansen doors that we offer are available as either single or double door installations depending on the size of entrance you need to protect.

Fabrication and installation of Premier products

Fabricated Steel Security Doors

Cutting and fabrication of our steel products, in accordance with all relevant British Standards and Welding Institute guidelines, are carried out at our premises in Hainault, Essex. Door sets are then disassembled During fabrication, all holes are drilled prior to powder-coating avoiding post-installation rusting problems. All door sets are pre-assembled for strict testing of operation to allow a shot blasting clean and a full application of a zinc based undercoat, followed by powder coating within our own oven at our premises. Door sets and fixed screens are assembled (subject to size/weight restrictions) within our premises prior to installation on site.

Blending Industrial Building Doors In With Your Style

Our team are firm believers that just because industrial security doors are designed to be impenetrable, this doesn’t mean that they need to be unattractive. Quite the opposite in fact. Our range of secure industrial doors are built with a variety of materials and finishes to ensure that you achieve the desired effect in your next security upgrade. Industrial steel security doors are a popular option due to the strength of the material which is likely to deter intruders from attempting to break in. However, the cool finish of steel also provides an aesthetic appeal which suits contemporary styles of business premises well.

Designing Your Industrial Building Doors

Of course, if you’d like assistance with selecting the perfect door, then our design team are on hand to showcase a range of styles and demonstrate how they would fit in with other elements of your property exterior such as balustrades or staircases which we can also install. Our in-house CAD design department will draw up detailed plans using the Solid Works 3D drawing package so you’ll be provided with an authentic representation of how your door will look and operate. During this stage, we can also deliver detailed and transparent costings so you can keep firmly on budget.
Are you ready to lock down your business premises with our hardy selection of industrial steel security doors? Our professional team of installation specialists are ready to take your call. We’ll be happy to answer any queries you may have about the certification standards of our security doors and can assist you with your door selection process. Contact us today for a FREE quote.

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